Blizzard in a Tervis (Rule Break Shake)


Recipe first, backstory later. Tick tock, friends 😉

RULE BREAK SHAKE (the shake that is Whole30 compliant other than the fact that it’s a shake)

10 oz. unsweetened coconut or almond milk

1/2 banana

2 tbsp. collagen protein

1 tbsp. cacao nibs

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. almond butter

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. raw cacao powder

1-2 dates ( I use one)

optional: fresh fruit, like melon or berries, about a palmful (hineydew melon or strawberries work great)

Put it all in a blender and whirl-ify. Liquify. Puree. Whatever.

I call this “Blender in a Tervis” because with its little pieces of cacao nibs, creamy cinnamony color, with pieces of date that are the same color of the inside of a Butterfinger, it reminds me of a Dairy Queen dessert, but healthier.

Also because I’m listening to RHCP and I made the correlation…my pseudo-“Blizzard” in the Tervis I personalized with fandom quotes and pictures of my pittie.

This recipe was born on one of those (post-Whole30) mornings where I had no time to make myself an omelette with leftover veggies and sliced avocado. God bless those mornings when they happen, when I can balance a skillet in one hand and sign a permission slip with the other, but that sure isn’t everyday.

Like most of my creations, the ingredients are what I had on hand.

No shakes, that’s the Whole30 rule as I remember it, because it can bring the sugar dragon out of dormancy. I stick to Whole30 guidelines, and when I go off, I’m re-introducing or splurging and I have carefully thought out and planned both.

Knowing the sugar dragon never really held sway over me, I kept this shake in my breakfast rotation and watched myself for pangs of sugar-needing. The experiment reveals, clothes not tighter.  Haven’t jonesed for a Java Chip frapp or pint of Heath Bar Crunch.

But that’s just me. Proceed with self-awareness.

But in case anyone needed a satiating, protein and nutrient packed breakfast, STAT, here it is.

It fills many needs that way.

It also satisfies that rule-breaking need, that urge that hits you out of nowhere, after extended periods of dietary obedience.

I won’t judge 🙂


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