Hey now. I’m Sam. Food and writing, writing and food, I love these things. I never run out of energy for them. I couldn’t keep them inside my head and needed a bigger platform to talk about and share my recipes and words, so welcome.

And another thing — my fandoms work their way into my posts. It’s how my brain works. If you think you heard something here in a song, or I’m referring to a movie scene, or I link real life to pretend ones, you’re probably right. I hope I’m doing it cleverly.

I live in Southern California, have a big family for whom I cook night and day (definitely not complaining), and certain things dictate my life like two dogs, soccer, football, cross country, and by choice, Whole30 nutrition.

Food is the main dish, but I go off topic sometimes. Could be about birds of prey. Could be about earthquake insurance. One thing you won’t find are sponsored things or affiliate links, I write for my own well-being and according to my whims. God bless the bloggers bringing it in from their partners and content, I don’t pretend to know how to do that! If there is a product I mention or if I’m feeling ambitious, that I link to, I found it on my own and I really LOVE it.

So…..hope your day is going well. I’ve gotta get back to meal prep!